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If I introduce a little bit about iFocusOn.com, an eagle is a raptorial bird of miracle and bravery, which may bear the sun or the moon in the sky and mightily fly towards various targets.
As an eagle symbolized the Lord of the sky, toughness, strength, courage, valor, agility, dignity, high sense of courage, authority, absolute power, honor, immortality, perspective view of insight, and a free spirit, it has been used as a national symbol from the ancient times and were regarded as a symbol of spiritual bird, empire and the Lord in various Western nations.
Because of this, an eagle that appears in a dream is a symbol of great honor.
An eagle dream is a good dream that indicates that the dreamer will fulfill a great wish or obtain wealth.
For instance, an eagle wings to fly in the dream is known to be associated with business success, career success and promotion.
A dream in which an eagle flies in the sky indicate that the dreamer will be a leader of a group.
Like these, the symbolic meanings that an eagle has might have powerful impact on an individual, society or a nation in a broad manner.
It is very similar to many people wishing for happiness and finding comfort through religion, although it is very difficult to scientifically prove the effects of religious belief.
In addition, the value of the positively powerful image that an eagle has will be magnified as people strive to pursue their dreams and not settle for their everyday life.

Thank you.