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If I would introduce a little bit about GoodDragons.asia to you, a dragon is an imaginary animal, that may bear the sun or the moon in the sky and snickering like a wild beast with holding a Cintamani.
A dragon has been a noble and mysterious presence in Eastern cultures from ancient times as well as an object of worship and presence of hope that led to wish fulfillment.
Additionally, it has been regarded as a presence with various mysterious power.
In folk belief, it has been considered as divine presences that defeated evil spirits and provided blessings.
Because of this, there is always a stretch of a huge luck cloud that hangs over in the sky that the dragon walks over.
As a spiritual presence with magic power, a dragon has been deeply rooted in the life and consciousness of humans and expressed in the forms of folklore, folk beliefs narrative, history, art, and various nominations.
People have often told a fortune story by linking a dragon to the human world since the ancient times.
As a dragon symbolically represented goodness, guardian, strength, power, wealth, success, health, a good character, abundance, hope, courage, and mysteries, the dragon in a dream has been considered as a precious symbolism of luck.
Thus, a dragon dream hints for fulfillment of a cherished wish that a person had or his obtaining a wealth, a dream that is the best dream ever in your life.
For example, a dream in which a dragon loudly sinkers in the cloud may indicate that the dreamer will make a huge business success or if you see a sculpture of dragon or a picture of dragon in the dream, it is also a positive dream.
For many reasons such as the symbolic meanings of a dragon and what a dragon in a dream represents, many people wait for the year of the dragon to come.
Likewise, when a dragon appears in the human world, this is considered as a sign for change.
That is, a dragon is a presence that has a big impact on individuals, society and even on a nation as a whole.
It is very similar to many people wishing for happiness and finding comfort through religion, although it is very difficult to scientifically prove the effects of religious belief.
In addition, the value of the positively powerful image that a dragon has will be magnified as people strive to pursue their dreams and not settle for their everyday life.

Thank you.